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Advanced-Level Science Projects: Can Healthy Plants Be Grown in Mars Soil Containing No Microorganisms?

Mas dirt for science fair projects

Soil is home to a great number and wide range of microorganisms, among them algae, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Although the number of microorganisms found in soil can sound alarming, it’s important to know that these tiny organisms need nutrients in order to grow and be active in the soil. If the soil lacks the necessary nutrients, the majority of microorganisms may be physiologically inactive.

Plants In Space – Build an Automatic Plant watering System for Your Mars Soil

Mars presents unique challenges for spacecraft that hope to land on its surface. Its atmosphere is too thin to be very helpful for slowing down, but it's also just thick enough to be a problem. Temperature can vary wildly between day and night, and global dust storms can blot out the sun for weeks at a time.

Students will explore technology used in space through the Arduino tool. They will build an automatic watering system that measures soil humidity and waters a plant accordingly. The basics of programming in C++ will be introduced using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software.

Students Plant Seeds to Help NASA Farm in Space

NASA is seeking plant varieties that could grow best in space, providing food for astronauts to eat on their way to future deep space destinations, including Mars. Teachers and students in South Florida recently began experiments to test a wide spectrum of seeds to see which would flourish in different conditions.

Retired NASA astrophysicist supplying teachers with affordable Space Dirt

A retired NASA astrophysicist from Texas has developed an affordable, scientifically based, Martian and Lunar soil known as regolith simulant (or planetary soil simulant) for teachers and Home School parents to use in the classroom. A regolith simulant is a terrestrial material that educators can use to simulate the chemical and mechanical properties of Martian […]