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What the heck is a space farmer

Easy science fair project

At the end of the 1960’s America used its combined mathematics, science, and engineering prowess to innovate never-before-conceived systems and procedures to deliver human boots to the moon. As Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin shuffled their way across Mare Tranquillitatis, people young and old envisioned a future in space — a peaceful coexistance where humanity used scientific investigation as a vessel to constructively channel our natural curiosity about the universe around us.

NASA Farming on the Moon

Survival to 14 days demonstrates plants can sprout in the Moon’s radiation environment at 1/6 g. Survival to 60 days demonstrates that sexual reproduction (meiosis) can occur in a lunar environment. Survival to 180 days shows effects of radiation on dominant & recessive genetic traits. Afterwards, the experiment may run for months through multiple generations, increasing science return. Source: NASA.gov