NGSS STEM Lesson Plans | Mars Education science fair 1n

NGSS STEM Lesson Plans | Mars Education

NGSS STEM Lesson Plans | Mars Education

NGSS STEM Lesson Plans
The Mars Education lesson plans section is here to serve as a resource for educators, grades K-12 to download and utilize in formal classroom settings. These lessons are free and made to be fully accessible and downloadable PDF documents that can be saved or printed. All of the Mars Education Program lesson plans include elements of inquiry-based learning that are aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as problem-based learning and the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) 5-E instructional model.

The STEM lessons included in this section of the website are the very lessons that we apply throughout our educator conferences and professional development training sessions. To get a more thorough understanding and deeper knowledge of these lessons as an in classroom instructional tool, educators may want to consider attending an ASU Mars Education Conference.

For questions on the Mars Education Lessons please contact us.

NGSS STEM Lesson Plans
STEM Lessons: About Our Curriculum
STEM Lessons: Conceptual Modeling
Earth, Earth’s Moon, and Mars Balloons
Solar System Scale and Size
STEM Lessons: Engineering
Astrobiobound! The Search for Life in the Solar System
Maker Mars
Marsbound! Mission to the Red Planet
Rover Races
Soda Straw Rockets
STEM Lessons: How We Explore
Lava Layering
Exploring Crustal Materials from a Mystery Planet
Strange New Planet
Is It Alive?
Clarifying Science Through Natural Events
STEM Lessons: Scientific Research
About the Mars Student Imaging Project
Mars Image Analysis
Question Mars

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