Colloidal Silver for Cannabis – grow your own feminized seeds like the seed banks


Super concentrated formula – only 10 drops into a 2 ounce sprayer of water will give to the ideal concentration of 30 Nanoparts per million.

Use Colloidal Silver Spray to Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds Like the Seed Banks Do

You’re able to produce feminized seeds using any two female cannabis plants (even clone-only strains!)

You can produce seeds consistently

You can control how many seeds produced

Easy to make hundreds of feminized seeds if needed

It is not safe to directly use/consume any cannabis which has come into contact with colloidal silver, though any seeds produced by a treated plant’s pollen are 100% safe.

Note: See this page ( for more information on risks involved with using colloidal silver.

Here are the main things to keep in mind when using colloidal silver spray method:
Make sure you spray the cannabis with a strong enough colloidal silver solution (at least 30 PPM of silver)

Spray the cannabis thoroughly to almost drench all the parts you want to turn into pollen sacs

Spray the cannabis regularly, at least once a day for 10-14 days, starting when you change the lights to 12-12

Spray the cannabis with colloidal silver every day until you see signs of male pollen sacs forming.

Some hardy strains may need over 2-3 weeks spraying before they ‘turn’.




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