mars regolith 63 Free 5th Grade Science Fair Projects, Ideas, and Experiments

63 Free 5th Grade Science Fair Projects, Ideas, and Experiments

63 Free 5th Grade Science Fair Projects, Ideas, and Experiments

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5th Grade Science Fair Projects

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Harnessing the Sun’s Rays for Cooking
Solar energy is a low-cost technology that can be used to heat homes, power …

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Phototropism: Why Do Plants Grow Toward Light?
For those elementary students interested in botany, this cool experiment fro…

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Which Gum Brand Lasts the Longest?
Chewing gum; while flavor is key when purchasing a pack of gum, another impo…

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Nail Polish: Price vs. Quality
Ever wonder how drug store brand nail polishes stack up to salon quality pro…

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How Clean is the Air You Breathe?
While it may seem to the naked eye that the air we breathe is clean and clea…

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Keeping Drinks Hot
Whether you’re a coffee, tea, or cocoa drinker, if you plan to enjoy a hot be…

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Writing Instruments & Fatigue: Is There An Optimal Writing Instrument for School?
Notes. Completing worksheets. Taking tests. Writing essays. Students do a lot…

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Font and Memory
Class syllabuses. Handouts. Lecture notes and presentations. Throughout the …

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Beautiful Blooms: What Makes A Flower Last the Longest?
Photo Source: Bouquets of beautiful blooms ar…

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Built To Last – Exploring Skyscraper Design with Legos
Photo Source: Ever wonder what it take…

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All That Glows – Exploring Fluorescence
Photo Source: Black lights are not only neat, they can ac…

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Does the Shape of an Ice Cube Affect How Quickly it Melts?
As Christine, Selah Junior High School student, watched the ice cubes in her …

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Mentos + Diet Coke – Pour Six Sodas At One Time!
Photo Source: Did you know you could harness the r…

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Recycled Water – Does It Effect Plant Growth?
For students interested in botany, ecology, and recycling, this science fair …

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Shake It Up! – Which Soft Drink Spews The Most When Shaken?
Photo Source: We’ve all made the unfortun…

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Tornado in a Box
Photo Source: | hardroadlilly We were inspired by this Instag…

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Hydroponics – What is the Best Liquid for Germinating Seeds?
Photo Source: If your upper elementary/middle school student is…

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Static Electricity & Jumping Cereal
Photo Source: Great for early elementary students inter…

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Who Will Break Under Pressure?
Photo Source: Interested in physics and engineering? Che…

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Plants and Rooting Hormone: Is It Effective?
Photo Source: For all the future botanists out …

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Eyes Versus Ears
Sixth grade student, Aaron P. Gallagher, put together this fantastic science …

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Which Antacid Can Neutralize the Most Stomach Acid?
Photo © 2009 Shawn Campbell, Flickr While elementary and middle school aged…

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Does Eye Color Affect Peripheral Vision?
Photo © 2009 Mikleman, Flickr Reading a book. Riding a bike. Driving a car….

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Which Soft Drink is the Worst for Your Teeth?
Photo © 2006 Flickr, Rex Sorgatz We’ve all heard that consuming too much so…

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Can Our Eyes Fool Our Taste Buds?
Photo Source: Rowan Frances Ever wonder if what we see influences our per…

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Does A Person’s Favorite Snack Say Anything About Their Personality?
After encountering Dr. Alan Hirsch’s book, What Flavor is Your Personality? D…

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Microwaves and Plants
Photo ©2007 Tim Patterson, Flickr You’re probably wondering what kind of sc…

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Comparing the Vitamin C Levels in Various Fruit Juices
Photo ©2010 Ariel Waldman, Flickr The human body does not produce vitamin C…

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Fun with Popcorn – Which Brand Pops the Most Kernels?
Photo ©2009 Vegan Feast Catering, Flickr Talk about having the best-smellin…

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Video Games and Your Heart Rate
Photo ©2011 Microsoft Sweden, Flickr Perfect for the upper elementary/early…

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The Effects of Gender Identity on Short Term Memory
Memory is a fascinating concept. Ree and her daughter over at The Pioneer Wom…

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Egg in a Bottle
Photo © 2006 RatRanch, Flickr This egg in a bottle project from Science Fai…

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The Science of Burglar Alarms
Photo © 2009 Heather Elias, Flickr Home alarm systems are essential for sev…

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Types of Fire Wood & Heat
Photo © 2009 Christine Kongsvik, Flickr Camping enthusiasts {and those inte…

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Pizza Box Solar Oven
Photo Source: Simon Fraser University If you’re interested in cooking and a…

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How Greasy Are Your Potato Chips?
Photo © 2010 espensorvik, Flickr If you’ve ever eaten a serving of chips, i…

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Caffeine & Typing Speed
Photo © 2007 Kuba Bo?anowski, Flickr Ever sit down in the front of the comp…

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