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The end of academic year is approaching. Exam fever is on. Students are busy gathering notes, clarifying doubts in libraries and staff rooms, staying up at night to revise the syllabus and drinking of loads of hot chocolate or coffee for breakfast to stay up during the exams, day dreaming about the vacations that are just a few days away now! But before the exam fever started, the students of five of our partner schools with putting up a Science Fair, organised by the Higher Education Team of Mumbai Smiles!

An exciting event for the students and teachers alike, this Science fair brought around 350 students of 8th, 9th and 10th standard along with close to 30 teachers, together from five different schools, of which 18 of them presented different modules as their presentation, to tackle various issues related to as air pollution, traffic, health etc for societal benefits with scientific solutions.

After the inaugural speech by Ms. Vanita Kumar, who is the principal of the host school, Sharda School, the fair was declared open and all the participating school students and teachers went to see all the presentation modules put up by the five school representatives.

An exciting aspect of this Science Fair was that it wasn’t just presentation, but a competition and as judges, a team of five from Mumbai Smiles management was also present at the fair to score and award the top three teams.

And with the level of creative modules by all the participating teams at this fair was confusing enough for the jury members to select the winners, nonetheless they did it, marking the teams on the creativity and scientific solutions to the issues being raised in their modules.

The third place was awarded to the host school – Sharda School, second place to St. Rock’s High School and standing tall at first place was Samata Vidya Mandir!

Ms. Geeta, coordinator of the winning school expressed her joy post the award ceremony, “Such fairs are a great exposure to students of such young age, to boost their creativity and critical thinking skills and it is an honour to have been a part of this Science Fair; winning is icing on top of the cake!”

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