Cold Vape Your Booze Instead Of Taking Shots: The Benefits Of Cold Vaping Alcohol

If you ever wanted to skip the taste of vodka or the waiting period to feel a buzz from sipping your drink, you might want to give vaping alcohol a shot. Yes, now it’s possible to breathe in booze to get drunk. But the high you experience from the “Vape shot” is going to be pretty different from that warm belly feeling you get after taking an old-fashioned shot at a bar.

The Vape Shot Bottle, which comes as an entire kit for you to vape alcohol at parties and at home, allows you to pour your drink of choice into something that looks like a water bottle, hand tighten the cap, place a small hand pump with a needle into the lid. Pump it 15 times to pressurize the bottle then screw off the top — POP! — you have alchoholized vapor to breathe in. What this does is essentially provide a quicker route for the alcohol to get directly to your bloodstream, making you feel the buzz instantly without having to take the time to consume small sips of liquor or beer. The Vape shot bottle costs $14.95 for the pressure bottle making it affordable for everyone to try it.

Pick Your Poison

The first step is choosing what alcohol you want to use. You can use any type of liquor you want — vodka, whiskey, rum – Pour about a half of shot into your Vape Shot Bottle and hand tighten the lid to get an airtight seal.

Inject The ‘Vape Shot Bottle,’ Let It Pop

Once you’ve injected the needle attached to the hand pump into the ‘Vape Shot Bottle,’ which resembles a see-through water bottle, you then pump the air pump 15 times to pressurize the bottle. You then twist the top of the bottle and it’ll pop open, bursting with light grey vapor, similar to a champagne bottle.

Stick the included reusable straw into the vapor-filled bottle and suck in. The vapor will enter your bloodstream immediately, giving you a heady but lucid buzz instantly.

Inhale With A Straw

“That buzz. I’m not going to lie. It feels good. And it’s not necessarily the same buzz as you get from drinking alcohol, either. Since the alcohol doesn’t have to travel down to your stomach and through your intestines before its absorbed into your bloodstream, there’s an immediate life that reminded some of us of a very toned down whippit high.